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I'll be trying to post new chapters for both my stories ASAP! :o

Life has kept me busy and away from writing. /:

But I'll be trying to get as much writing/pre-writing done as possible before school starts.

On Aug. 26th! D':< UGH. SCHOOL!
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I will be uploading new art within these next few days! :D

I'm excited because I can't wait to see what you all have to say!

~ ari3132
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Hello fellow artists.

This is my first journal/blog thingy that I've ever written. :p I don't ever write in these. But I thought I would write these as a way for me to be connected to my readers and such.

If you are just randomly coming across my profile from DeviantArt, then hello! :D

I have a Lunaescence account. ^.^…

Come visit? :D

Anyway, enjoy?
What exactly? I have no fucking clue ~
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